Shutter Styles


Interior Shutter Styles

Our Interior wood shutters offer a tasteful alternative to the traditional wooden Venetian blind option or other window solutions in today’s market. Our interior shutters are available in a range of styles including our full height, tier on tier or our café style shutters which can be applied to any window.
We also provide custom shaped shutters to accommodate any shaped window which could include some popular shaped shutters including the beautiful Fan topped shutter for an arched window.
Our shutter experts can advise the right solution to suit the customer’s needs without having to sacrifice quality or choice.
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cafe style shuttersCafe

A truly traditional looking interior shutters is the Café style shutter which covers the lower portion of your window and can be applied to any type window. This style of shutter is great for those who wish to allow in natural light while keeping an element of privacy.

fullFull Height

The Full height shutter is exactly what it describes, Full Height covering the entire window from top to bottom. This type of shutter is the most flexible and allows various styles choices to be applied to match the window configurations or positioning the location of the horizontal mid-rail to break up the louvres. This style shutter is our most popular and offers maximum light deflection.

p_0003Tier on Tier

The Tier on Tier style shutter is our most stylist look of shutters as it allows you to operate the top and bottom panels independently, giving flexibility on how light is controlled. This is a popular choice but does have limitations as to its suitability based on size and configuration.


The Solid style shutter is the most traditional looking Victorian shutter and is only available in a few selected ranges, and will add tradition and beauty to any home.

Tracked Wood ShuttersTracking

Our Tracked shutters are the perfect solution for large openings where multiple panels would be required to cover the open space. The tracked option is mounted from the top and guided with an aluminium bottom track, this option gives a stunning look to any large opening space.

bay1Bay Windows

Our Bay window shutters give the most stunning look and finish to any bay window. This option can be applied to large or small bay windows. Any of the shutter styles can be applied to this type of window which includes the beautiful tier on tier look pictured!

shaped-plantation-shutters1Shaped Windows

Covering a shaped window with our custom made shutters could not be easier and will give a truly unique look not available in traditional window products today. We can custom make shutters to fit all types of shapes including angled or curved finishes.